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Element Series

An Entry SMA & Type-N Unified Connector Gage

Element Gages


The Element series of gages provides solutions for users needing to cost-effectively test either Type N or SMA connectors.   The Element Series builds upon the value of the Legacy Series by providing quick, easy-to-read graphics to show whether a connector is compliant or non-compliant to appropriate industry standard.  The dial face numbers remain and the rear plate with standards information is also included.


Element gages are available for Type N, SMA Pin measurements and SMA dielectric measurements.

Element Features

1.   Connector gage built on an ASME B89 dial 
       indicator platform


2.   Applied Interface Standards on front and rear plates


3.   Certified Dial Accuracy of +/- .0005


4.   Tapered Bushing Design for Greater Feel & Visibility


5.   Single Gage for Both Male & Female Genders with

      No Change-Over or Remastering Requirements


6.   Single Flat Master for Error-Free Zero Setting

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Element - Features
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Element Description
Type-N Kits
  • Guided bushing design eliminates torque requirement and associated torque uncertainty


  • Single bushing/rack patent pending design for the measurement of both genders


  • High performance analog Starrett meters with .00005 inch resolution


  • Certified accuracy of +/-.0005


  • Rear custom metal plate with permanently inscribed compliance data related to IEEE287LPC and GPC, MIL-C-39012, and MIL-STD-348B

  • Single flat surface master gage for the elimination of feature size uncertainty


  • Instrument backs and fascia with Standards Requirements and interface metrics


  • Housed in a fitted case with rubber seating


  • Gages come with a 1-year warranty and a 10-year warranty on stainless steel components 


  • SMA Kits available for pin (SMA-P) and dielectric  (SMA-D) measurements

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Element Available Models

Type-N Gage

Part Number

Product Description

SMA-P Pin Gage

SMA-D Dieletric Gage




Element Data Sheets

Element Data Sheets for

Type-N Gage

SMA-P Pin Gage

Element Data Sheets for

Element Data Sheets for

SMA-D Dielectric Gage

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