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Green Connectivity

High Performance,
Cables for General Purpose Testing

Repairable Test Cables to 67 GHz

Conexus - Specs


Sustainable, High Perfomance Test Cables

Velocity Microwave extends the concept of sustainable, repairable cables to provide a solution for high performance, general purpose testing with the ConeXus cable line.  Like the flagship Vector series, the ConeXus cables can be repaired in order to extend their service life and save you money over the life of the cable.  Unlike any other cable available, the ConeXus cables can easily repaired in the field when configured with the standard handgrip and Type N through 2.92mm connectors.  The ConeXus series covers 18-50 GHz and can be specified with connectors ranging from APC-7 to 2.4mm, male or female.  For 1.85mm, 67 GHz performance in general test cables, check out the Velcoity Microwave Brute.


Two Handgrip Designs


Standard:  These ergonomic handgrips are designed for comfort and ease-of-use when the physical space between connector is not a concern during general purpose testing.  Standard handgrips also allow ConeXus cables to be field-repairable!  ConeXus cables ordered with standard handgrips are designated by the letters GP as the first two digits of the part number.

Example: GP-35M-35M-39.  39" cable, standard handgrip, 3.5mm male to 3.5mm male.



Ultra-High Density:  These non-metallic handgrips are designed for pitches (or spaces between connectors) as low as 450 mils.  These handgrips are designed to work well with filters and other components that have tightly packed connectors.  ConeXus cables ordered with ultra-high density handgrips are designated by the letters UHD as the first three digits of the part number.

Example: UHD-35M-35M-39.  39" cable, ultra high density handgrip, 3.5mm male to 3.5mm male.


The ConeXus series cables are offered in standard lengths of 28", 39" and 48".  Custom lengths can be ordered.  Contact us for details.






Vector Highlights
ConeXus Advantages & Benefits
  • IEEE standard color coded identification label for connector identification


  • Heat-treated FEP braided jacket


  • Propogation velocities of 84C and laminated core phase for stability relative to temperature


  • Phase stability relative to flexure, minimum 20,000 cycles


  • Connector removal/replacement cycles: minimum 500



  • Industry leading 1-year warranty

  • Larger hand grips with friction rings for anti-pivot resistance on bench surfaces.  Optional  high density and ultra-high density handgrips available.


  • Terminating standards including 2.4mm, 2.92mm, SMA, 3.5mm, and Type-N, male or female


  • Standard sizes of 28", 39" and 48" for cable assemblies up to 40 GHz.  50 GHz and 67 GHz available in standard lengths of 26" and 39".


  • All modular construction


  • Stainless steel captivated geometries for consistent gaging


  • 300lb compression resistance to forces normal to the assembly axis

Data Sheet/Ordering Guide for

ConeXus Cables

Conexus - Advantages
ConeXus Specs

1.   General Purpose Connectors



2.   Modular Construction



3.   Three available hadngrip designs


4.   IEEE Standard Label

5.   Heat-treated FEP Dress Jacket

ConeXus Images
Conexus - Images
Conexus - Compare

26"/28" Conexus Cables

ConeXus Comparison




39" Conexus Cables

48" Conexus Cables

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