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Modular Cables for Multiple Applications 

Field-Configurable, High Performance Test Cables


Velocity Microwave continues the theme of delivering modular solutions through the Continuum Field-Configurable Cable.  Depending on the application, users can change the connectors on these cables using Type N, 3.5mm, SMA or 2.92mm.  Male or female, standard or NMD connector styles can be used.  Cables for this kit are available in standard 28" or 39" lengths.  To maximize flexibility and value, both ends of the cable can be configured and changed.


The Continuum product is intended to be ordered a la carte.  Order only what you need.  Additional cables, connectors, case or tool kit can be added at any time.  For users that prefer having maximum flexibility, a complete kit can also be configured for order.

Available with Continuum

1.   28" or 39" Continuum Cables

2.   Type N through 2.92mm Connectors (ordered individually)

3.   Tool Kit consisting of Torque Wrench, Flats Fixture, 4-40 Driver, Trainer, Mat and C-Clamp (or order separately)

4.   USB Drive with Calibration Data

5.   Removal Tool

6.   Rugged Enclosure for Travel Protection

7.   Flats Support Hand Tool

8.   Bench Mount Tool

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Continuum Advantages  & Benefits
  • Enhanced measurement flexibility with regard to connector species and gender


  • Captivated stainless connectors 


  • Extended ferrule with kerf geometry


  • Features designed for harmless mating


  • IEEE standard color coded identification label for connector identification


  • Propagation velocity of Vp84


  • Ultra phase stability relative to flexure and temp


  • 300lb compression resistance per MIL-T-81490


  • Industry leading 6-month warranty


  • Available in 28" and 39" lengths

  • Patent pending microwave cable assembly with field replaceable features including host transmission line and connectors


  • Easy ability to change connectors independent of site location between genders and between standards ranging from 2.92mm, 3.5mm, SMA, Type-N to APC-7.  Male or Female.


  • Full kitted assembly in NK-7 waterproof, dustproof and crushproof carrying case that is padlockable and features all stainless steel hardware and automatic pressure release valve


  • Full tool kit including connector head replacement tooling, preset torque wrench, ergonomic wrench with common flats, heat-treated steel driver and fixture for securing connections


  • All modular construction from connector to internal transmission line providing replenishment options for connector heads, underlying host coaxial line, strain relief and other components


  • Enhanced sustainability for longer service life 


  • Enhanced stability on lab bench surfaces


  • Stainless steel (SS-303) or Aluminum (6061-T6) hand grips


Data Sheet for

Continuum Kit

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Continuum Available Models & Pricing

Must Specify One:

Add Connectors Separately:

Additional or Replacement Connectors










2.92mm - F


2.92mm - M




One 28", 40 GHz Continuum cable


One 39", 40 GHz Continuum cable


Two 28", 40 GHz Continuum cables with NK-7 Case, foam, tool kit and mat


One 28" and one 39", 40 GHz Continuum cables with NK-7 Case, foam, tool kit and mat


Two 39", 40 GHz Continuum cables with NK-7 Case, foam, tool kit and mat


Calibration of a single 40 GHz Continuum cable with two connectors attached.


Tools to change connectors for Continuum Cables.

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