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See how Velocity Microwave test equipment products can be implemented in multiple applications across various industries.



Technology has long had a foothold in Aeronautics with increased sophistication of avionics, safety systems, radar and communications. Today's commercial aircraft are providing higher bandwidths per passenger for communication and entertainment purposes. Private planes are being equipped with everything from plasma displays to parachutes for the aircraft in the event of power loss. Engineers designing these systems need the best, most reliable design and measurement tools available. Velocity Microwave products are designed by engineers to provide engineers with tools that enhance performance, extend service life and lower costs.

  • Collision Avoidance Systems

  • Night Vision

  • Avionics

  • GPS

  • Heads-up Display

More devices from smart phones to coffee makers are getting connected each day. To seamlessly interconnect more areas of day-to-day life, more bandwidth and communication technologies are needed. Developing robust systems for worldwide deployment means designing and testing everything from chips to satellites. Velocity Microwave's product mix emphasizes reduced acquisition cost while increasing performance allowing designers to focus on bringing new technologies to market. 



Defense personnel must be ready to combat a wide array of threats from cyber attacks to terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. To effectively meet these challenges, new technologies act as a force multiplier and help gather and analyze intelligence from vastly different sources.




From alarm clocks to reusable space vehicles, virtually every aspect of our lives has been integrated with technology. Whether designing new products or testing items coming off the production line, test cables, connector gages and torque wrenches play a crucial role. Velocity Microwave offers products you can trust allowing you to focus on what you do best! 

  • Cellular Technologies

  • Bluetooth and Wireless Systems

  • Antenna Characterization

  • High Data Rate, Short Length, Line-of-Sight Communication

  • Unmanned Vehicles

  • Net-centric Warfare

  • Intelligent Munitions

  • Directed Energy Systems

  • Guidance

  • Command and Control

  • Secured Communication

  • Microwave Ovens

  • DVD Players

  • Satellite Radio & Television

  • Interactive Communication

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