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Designed from the ground up with one goal:
User Friendly Gaging
Measure both male and female connectors with a single dial face and bushing.


Analog or Digital

Single Bushing or Interchangeable Kit

Velocity Microwave Gage Family Features
  • Patent pending design that emphasizes the use of one gage with one bushing - opposed to the traditional dual gages or single gage with dual bushings  


  • Modular design for reduced maintenance and calibration cost over the life of the instrument


  • Straightforward interpretation of connector compliance using an ergonomically enhanced interface with embedded compliance information in the form of icons, color tolerance banding and literal indicia on dial face (Ergon and Element Series) 


  • Simplified gaging with one instrument for both male and female genders

  • Simplified mastering (zeroing) with one master reference for all standards including but not limited to MIL-C 39012, MIL-STD-348 and IEEE287


  • Further support for compliance evaluation by the use of a custom metal back displaying standards interface data and sectional connector geometry


  • Full kits contain USB drive with calibration data, uncertainty spreadsheet, clean room cotton swabs, full lenth hex driver with precision handle, NK-7 resin carry-on case with vapor lock, stainless hardware and die cut interior.


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