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The Best of the Best

- 1.85mm, 67 GHz Performance
- Sustainable through Repairability
- Ruggedized Vector VNA Cables
- Brute General Test Cables

Velocity Microwave's 67 GHz, 1.85mm Solutions Deliver
Value and Performance

Velocity Microwave has expanded their cable offering to now include high performance assemblies up to 67 GHz  and 1.85mm connectors, ruggedized or standard, male or female. 
The Vector VNA test port extension cables and Brute series general test cables are each very competitively priced and, in many cases, are lower cost than the competition.  In addition, the Velocity Microwave products provide additional value by extending the service  life of each cable through sustainability.  Because of their modular designs, if any component becomes worn or damaged, the assembly can be repaired for continued use.  No longer does your entire investment need to be written off and replaced, saving your scarce budget money for other requirements.  Finally, both the vector and Brute cables are built tough to withstand more use.  The Brute series cables have compression resistance of 500 lbs (minimum), which is double what many others general purpose cables can offer.  The Vector cables are even more rugged with a compression resistance of 800 lbs.
Both the Vector and Brute cables provide best of breed phase and amplitude stability.  Their Vp of 83 also insures excellent performance with temperature changes.  Either cable series can also be ordered in Phase Matched sets.
The 1.85mm Vector cables can be ordered with ruggedized (NMD) or standard connectors in male or female versions.  The Brute Series is available with male or female standard connectors.  Vector cables include a 2-year warranty and Brute cables are backed by a full one year warranty.

 Do.   The.   Math.

Orders are processed at the Global Test Equipment website

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1.85mm, 67 GHz VECTOR CABLES


26" Vector, 1.85mm NMD (F) to 1.85mm (M)


26" Vector, 1.85mm NMD (F) to 1.85mm (F)


39" Vector, 1.85mm NMD (F) to 1.85mm (M)


39" Vector, 1.85mm NMD (F) to 1.85mm (F)

1.85mm, 67 GHz Brute Cables


26" Brute, 1.85mm (M) to 1.85mm (M)


26" Brute, 1.85mm (F) to 1.85mm (F)


26" Brute, 1.85mm (F) to 1.85mm (M)


39" Brute, 1.85mm (M) to 1.85mm (M)


39" Brute, 1.85mm (F) to 1.85mm (F)


39" Brute, 1.85mm (F) to 1.85mm (M)


48" Brute, 1.85mm (M) to 1.85mm (M)


48" Brute, 1.85mm (F) to 1.85mm (F)


48" Brute, 1.85mm (F) to 1.85mm (M)

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