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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge evaluation fees?

No, there are no fees associated with having our techs evaluate a piece of test equipment for you. We will spend up to two hours diagnosing issues without cost to you. This covers 90-95% of the equipment we evaluate. If additional time is needed, we will let you know before proceeding. 

Why don't you have standard repair fees?

Every situation is unique so we do not believe a one-charge-fits-all scheme is fair. You are only charged for approved time and materials needed to repair your item. If a major overhaul is needed, we let you make the financial decision based on facts. We will even provide a recommendation about the economics of repairing or replacing the item. If the OEM standard repair charge is your best interest, we will advise you of that as well!

I need a 17025-qualified calibration, but I cannot find the certificate on your website.

Global ER+ offers NIST traceable and Z540 compliant calibrations. If you require a 17025-compliant calibration, we will coordinate the calibration with one of our qualified partner labs and provide their certification information for you.

What if it costs less to replace an item than to have it repaired? 

This situation occurs mostly with older equipment. When quoting a repair, we always check the replacement value. If it is more economical to replace the unit, we include the information with our response. 

How long does a repair take?

All repairs are dependent on the availability of replacement parts. We can usually obtain replacement parts for newer equipment easily and quickly (usually a matter of days). Finding replacement parts and/or donor equipment for obsolete items can be a challenge. If there will be an uncommon delay, we will let you know at the time of quote.

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