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Torque Wrenches

Patent Pending Presettable
Automated Calibration

Precision Torque Wrenches
Velocity Microwave offers a complete line of torque wrenches to help you precisely mate connectors.  The engineers at Velocity Microwave have created a completely automated system to provide statistically significant calibration data.  All data and complete GUM uncertainty calculations are provided with each wrench.  Standard wrench offerings include 5, 8 and 12 in/lbs with sizes for Type N and common subminiature connectors.  Custom torque settings up to 20 in/lbs and different wrench sizes can also be ordered.

wrench specs
wrench advantages
Torque Wrench Specs

1.   High quality spring steel internal construction with dual

      pin spring stop 



2.   Wrench claw geometry with polished Ra16 finish or better



3.   Demarcated hold region



4.   On-handle instructions and IEEE Standard color coding



5.   Aluminum plated serialization

Torque Wrench Advantages & Benefits
  • Preset torque wrench for the application of force to a microwave connector


  • Calibrated per ISO6789 Standard with data and uncertainties on disk 


  • Calibration Data and uncertainties provided


  • IEEE Standard color coding for connector/torque clarity


  • Scratch resistance


  • More robust and consistent connector mating


  • Vibration and shock resistance for stable construction


  • Enhanced repeatability with clearly defined hold region


  • Enhanced accuracy using patent-pending calibration technique

  • Lightweight anodized aluminum alloy


  • Short arc breakover action


  • Easier holding and manipulation as a function of weight and short arc


  • Customizable from 5in-lbs to 20in-lbs at end user's request 


  • Custom calibration for end user's requirement


  • Housed in polyethylene tube with instructions


  • Inclusion of uncertainty calculation with date per GUM standards 

Torque Wrenches

Data Sheets for

wrench images
Torque Wrench Available Models

5/16"  5in-lbs

Compare to Keysight 8710-1582

Part Number

Product Description

5/16"  8in-lbs

Compare to Keysight 8710-1765



20mm  8in-lbs

Compare to Keysight 8710-1764


19mm  8in-lbs


20mm  12in-lbs



3/4"  12in-lbs

Compare to Keysight 8710-1766

wrench models
Torque Wrench Images
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