Repairable Test Cables


Velocity Microwave is revolutionizing RF/Microwave test cables with the introduction of an entire family of repairable products!  The BenchFlex, LabFlex, Conexus  and Vector product lines provide a solid solution for all of your performance and budgetary requirements. 


All of these cables will help stretch your investment dollars by providing you with the industry’s only high performance cables designed for repair  - extending the service life and lowering overall cost of ownership.  Velocity Microwave cables are designed to be extremely flexible, and yet deliver the performance and reliability you expect to complete your test processes with confidence.


The Conexus product line pushes the boundaries of sustainability by offering field repair of  cable assemblies  with  Type N, SMA 3.5mm or 2.92mm standard connectors.  Field repair virtually eliminates downtime with a connector replacement process that takes less than five minutes!


In addition to the repairable, general purpose cables, Velocity Microwave also offers the following products:

  • Repairable VNA Test Port Extension Cables: Vector Series

  • Phase-Matched Sets of VNA Cables: Vector Series

  • High Density - High performance General Test Cables: High Density (HD) and Ultra-High Density (UHD) Handgrip designs

  • Field Configurable Test Cable Kit: Continuum

Unisex Connector Gages
Velocity Microwave drives value to our customers by providing gage/bushing products that are designed to test both male and female gages.  No longer will you need to buy separate gages, bushing or Masters (for zeroing) to test different connector genders.
The Patent-Pending bushing designs will reduce your costs and increase efficiency.
Precision Torque Wrenches
All Velocity Microwave torque wrenches are shipped with full calibration data provided on a USB drive.  In addition, complete GUM uncertainty calculations are included.
This information allows you to use your tools with complete confidence.